Are there prerequisites for Nanodegree programs?

Prerequisites differ by program, but some minimum requirements include:

  1. You are self-driven and motivated to learn. Participation in this program requires consistently meeting the deadlines.
  2. You can communicate proficiently and professionally in written and spoken English.
  3. You have access to a computer with a broadband connection, on which you’ll install a professional code/text editor.
  4. You approach problem solving strategically and can clearly communicate your strategies.
  5. You are willing to contribute to the success of the program, including collaborating with fellow students and giving us feedback on how we can improve.
  6. You have a reliable means of participating in video conferences (ie. Google Hangouts and/or Skype) and of communicating with a Coach (for project assessments and verifications for instance).

Other specific prerequisites can be found under the ‘Nanodegree Program Prerequisites and Requirements’ section of each Nanodegree overview program.

See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.

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