What should I do if things get heated?

While a spirited debate is always appreciated, it’s also important to recognize when the discussion stops becoming productive. If you become involved in such a conversation,


  • Step back and cool down if you are a participant. In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to get carried away and act in a way that you know is not representative of who you really are. When you feel yourself responding from a place of anger, it may be better to physically step away from the computer and take a short walk to calm down and gather your thoughts.
  • Don’t double down if you are not involved. 90% of disagreements are resolved peaceably on their own in time.
  • Ask a Udacity staff member to step in if you feel the conversation is getting out of hand and cannot be resolved on its own.

If you have feedback regarding your Nanodegree experience, whether it’s related to content, reviews, or something else, send us a message instead of posting to the forums or Slack so that we can address it directly. Though Udacity staff is frequently present and loves to engage with all of our students, we cannot promise an official response or course of action over community channels.


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