What is the Udacity community?

The Udacity community consists of dedicated digital platforms and in-person events that you, as a Udacity student or graduate, have the opportunity to engage with to help you further your personal and professional goals. Our hope is that the Udacity community becomes a source of growth, encouragement, and joy for every student throughout every stage of their learning journey, starting from the day they first enter the Nanodegree classroom to graduation and beyond.

Your Nanodegree program may include access to discussion forums, Slack channels, other chat platforms, or you may have opportunities to join Udacity Connect sessions depending on where you live. We want students to use these platforms to freely ask and answer questions; to share advice, adversity, and accomplishments, and to feel connected and at home during your time here. Many of our most successful alums say that the Udacity community is a big part of what made their experience valuable and enjoyable--they often learned as much from their classmates as they did in the classroom!

By posting in our forums and other community channels, which are available to all students around the world (180 countries and counting!), you are contributing to the creation of a culture that celebrates collaborative, lifelong learning and mutual support.


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