How do I resolve the error message I got when attempting to submit my project?

Below you will find different error messages that our system generates and how to resolve them.

Your zip file contains more than 1,000 files. Please re-submit a smaller zip file.

Android: Did you try cleaning your project? Often, the 1000 file limit error occurs because of the files that are generated in the build folder of your app at the time of building your project. These files can be generated by the code reviewers, so feel free to remove them. Here’s a document that explains how to clean your project on Android Studio before you generate a zip or push the application on Github! If you have additional issues please contact

FEND: Have you checked to see if you included the node_modules folder? This folder can include multiple files that can cause this error. You can find more information regarding how to clean up the node_modules from your project here. If you have additional issues please contact

iOS: Sometimes Xcode can create a hidden directory structure in the project folder. Before doing anything we highly recommend you backup your entire project! Once it has been backed up you'll need to find the hidden directory and remove it. This should now allow you to upload your project. If you have additional issues please contact

You can't resubmit because you already have a submission outstanding

This error appears when you already have a submission awaiting review for the project in the system. You can view instructions on how to cancel your project here if you need to do so. 

Wrong File Type

This error appears when you submit a file type that is not supported for the project. When submitting you should see under the option "Upload File" a list of the file types we accept for the project.

Already Passed Project

We think of projects as a way for the student to demonstrate mastery of a certain set of skills. Once a project has met specifications, we expect the student to want to move on to the next set of skills. So there currently is no way to resubmit a project. You can see the result of your project submission at the top of the "Project Review" tab on the review of your project.

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