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    Hello, Mohamed Ahmed Elsayed Rashad

    Sorry to hear that and we wish you the best of luck in your exams.

    While we cannot postpone your acceptance, you can withdraw and re-apply again at a later date. If you do not withdraw and do not make progress, you will be revoked from the track which means you can no longer participate in other Egypt FWD programs.

    Kindly fill in this form  if you'd like to withdraw from the scholarship program and then ITIDA will review your request. After filling out the form, there are no other steps required from your side, you would only need to wait until the track is removed from your account. Kindly note it takes from 3 - 4 business weeks to complete your request. Within this period, you will receive emails related to the programs as you will be still enrolled. However, you can choose to ignore them. 


    We really hope that you reconsider your decision of dropping out from the program and seize this opportunity as you have been accepted among thousands of applicants.


    Please note that if you withdraw, you will not have any priority or guarantee that you will be accepted again in any future cohorts you will apply for as you will go through our filtration process again similar to a new applicant. There will be no impact on your ability to re-join the program.





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