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    Chris Udacity Community Team
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    Hi Efuru​,


    Thanks for writing in! I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with our website. I have some questions for you to help me figure out what's going on and how best to help you.


    • Can you please send the course>lesson>page name along with the classroom link you're having trouble with, as well as a full-page screenshot of what you're seeing?


    • What web browser (including version number) and operating system are you using? Please check here to make sure the browser you're using is one of our supported browsers/ operating system. If you have access to a different web browser, please try using that as well.


    • Are you using any browser extensions? Sometimes third-party browser or desktop extensions can interfere with our site. I would recommend trying to access our website from an Incognito window and/or disabling your browser extensions to see if that helps. Please whitelist the following URL in your browser- *


    • Have you tried clearing your cookies and browser cache? If not, please try doing those things and then restart your browser. If you need help doing either of those things, let me know!


    • Do you have access to another network? If so, please try using another network. If you're accessing our site from a network that might have additional security, such as a corporate or school network, there might be additional security features that are interfering with our site. In that case, you'll need to contact your IT department or network administrator.


    If none of those things helps, please open up your browser's developer tools and screenshots of your Console section (under browser's developer tools. How To Open Dev Tools In: Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox


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