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'Launch Cloud Gateway' not working



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    Chris Udacity Community Team
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    We looked at your classroom and can see you have exhausted Full Stack Apps on AWS Course credits and Cloud Fundamental Course credits, due to which you cannot access the AWS console from these courses. 

    As a one-time exception, You should now be able to access the console from this course. 
    Since you had exhausted your budget, it had terminated the workspace you were using and you will have to use your personal AWS account to finish the remaining Nanodegree. If you need assistance closing any of your instances, kindly reach out to our mentors over Knowledge. They will be happy to assist you with this. Also, here are our Help Center articles for instructions to navigate Knowledge. 
    Learn how to track your usage on Amazon Web Services console by clicking here. Additionally, please refer to the link here for the best practices to avoid unexpected AWS Charges. For further clarity, you can check out the AWS Billing and Charges walkthrough.


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