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I was accused of plagiarism by the reviewer




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    Chris Udacity Community Team
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    1. In order for the student to appeal the plagiarism flag, the student must click on the Open Plagiarism Case button (upper right corner), in the classroom page. (img 1)
    2. A pop-up will be shown to the student in the classroom. (img 2).
    3. We will investigate the appeal and determine the next steps within the next 5 - 7 business days.
    4. Once the student’s project is reviewed by a mentor, the graded review will appear in the student’s classroom on the “Project” page with the status of the project result.
    5. In addition, the student will receive an email informing them their submission has been reviewed and has been flagged for plagiarism. The email has a link directing them to the “Project Result” page.


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    Abdullah Talaat

    I have submitted a petition, Mr. Chris, but I am looking forward to a quick response so that I can complete the level ..And if I had done that, the reviewer who reviewed the fifth time and asked me for modifications would not have allowed me to complete what I started 


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